Amarillo y Rojo Grunge Ilustración Arte Portada de Libro (783 × 1250 px) (501 × 800 px) (2)
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Chapter 1:

The Exact Moment I Realized I Wasn't White
(Yes, this ACTUALLY happened...)

Chapter 2:

The First (and last) Time Someone Called me the N-Word. A story that still warms my heart.

Chapter 3:

Does The Law of Attraction Work in Africa?

Chapter 4:

My Interracial Dating Experiences

- The exact number of times I've been asked out by a "black" man (Try to guess!)

- Awkward date with an Asian man

- Is my ex-husband "white"? And other burning questions people repeatedly ask me online.

Chapter 5:

Why I left the "alt right"

Chapter 6:

Why do we only have "black" and "white" people and not yellow or red people? The answer will shock you.

Chapter 7:

The One Phrase that Instantly Shuts Down Left or Right Wing Racists

- A simple verbal trick I learned from Pickup artists that makes bullies cry

- Easily counter a curse with your own personal magic

BONUS: My Date With a Billionaire and The Surprising Thing He Said About "Black" People

Audiobook Total run time: 107 minutes


If you are a logical person who wants to understand race, class and privilege from the standpoint of an educated intellectual who has lived it first hand, I assure you this is NOT the audiobook for you lol.

Essentially, my education mostly consists of a two-year diploma in forest technology and an ear piercing training certificate from Claire's circa1994.

What you will get is my raw experience and observations about human nature and the way this reality we all find ourselves in works.

This audiobook is packed with truly SHOCKING interactions around race that I've experienced in real life and how I responded to them. Get ready to laugh!!

Ultimately, I hope this recording inspires anyone who listens to it to free themselves from toxic societal narratives of all types and start living the life they desire regardless of whatever is going on in the world or the color of their skin.

Much love,