The Business of YouTube: The only 3 videos any entrepreneur will ever need

August 17, 2017


Here are some images from my event at the ATB Entrepreneur Center in Calgary, taken by talented friend and photographer Sally-Ann Taylor.

She’s a natural light, love and lifestyle photographer based in that place that will always feel like home to me, the Crowsnest Pass.

Sally-Ann travels and is my top pick for photos. You can check out more of her work here:

I always enjoy her Instagram posts as well:

The full video of this event will be available free online very soon, so watch for that!


I love the idea that something someone learns in one of my seminars could be the one big thing that changes their life.

That is certainly what happened for me.

You just never know..


One of my favorite things about these events are the people I get to meet and the connections that are made.

I also always have an exercise that gives people an opportunity to talk to each other.


Wish you could have been there?

Well, I’ll be back in the new year!

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Adelle Ramcharan and Photographer Sally-Ann Taylor at the ATB Entrepreneur Center in Calgary

With with friend and favorite Albertan photographer Sally-Ann Taylor from the Crowsnest Pass. This was at the event, The Business of YouTube at the ATB Entrepreneur Center in Calgary.  I was super lucky to have Sally-Ann photograph the event.

Meanwhile, the event was a full house and a huge success! I’ll be back at the ATB Entrepreneur Center in the new year.

The video of this event will soon be available!

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