Monthly Archives: August 2018

This bike, this life…

Today a friend took me biking in the river valley here in Calgary. The day was oppressively hot but in the shade of the river trees, a cool breeze was coming off the water.

There were peaks and valleys on the trail. I wore my hair down and long because I knew how good it would feel with the breeze going through it FAST down those hills. I was not disappointed, hooting and hollering the entire time. These are the things that really make me happy. What a gift to be on a bike in a beautiful city I never imagined myself in, with a friend, going fast. Smiling. Laughing.

I got some pretty intense chest pains after. This is the price I pay now if I raise my blood pressure too fast. I’m fine at the gym with a slow buildup to running but an activity like this can cause me trouble.

I didn’t say anything. It breaks well…my heart to think of being with a friend who was having chest pains and didn’t want me to know. But I don’t want to alarm anyone. The cardiologist said it shouldn’t be doing that but I’ve talked to other women with this condition and they said yeah, it does that. Today it stabbed and struck through my chest like lightning and then it went away.

Maybe one day it will be a warning that my time is truly coming and I will sit down, gently close my eyes with a soft sigh and never get up again. Maybe one day, but today was not that day.

What a gift that I have a friend and a healthy body and a bike to ride. How have I ever made it this far? How did I ever earn such a beautiful life ♥